Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you one of those writers?

 I wish I was one of those people who are really good at writing .. Those people who can write and write and write .. The ones at school whom would always do the essays and pass .. The people who write for magazines and that write books .. I will never be one of those people, but I do enjoy writing .. I wonder if my life would somehow be easier if I could write .. Write down how I felt .. Write letters to people .. Have people cry and laugh through what I can write down with a pen on paper or using my keyboard. 

 I wrote a story once .. It meant a lot to me and it was a subject which was hard to write about .. I asked one of my friends to read it - Which was a huge deal to me - and he said "It could have been better" .. Or at least, that is what I heard .. I knew the story would never be published, but I thought it was good, I thought he would think 'Wow, you wrote this?! Wow!' .. But instead .. Instead he told me things that I should add to it to make it better .. I suppose he thought he was helping.

 Have you ever had that friend who think they are helping when really they make you want to curl up into a ball and cry?! To be honest, this is most people in my life .. I act so tough and strong, so it makes people think I am tougher than I actually am .. They say things .. Do things .. And they think I can handle it .. In some way .. But really, it upsets me ..

 I realise this may apply to many people in this world, but this is my blog.
 This blog is about me.

Tato xx

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