Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is it really that time of year?

December 08 2011.. 

It can not be December already ..
But it is ..
December 08 .. That's .. *carry the 2* 17 days to Christmas..
Just over two weeks!
That is crazy.

I feel like I will wake up tomorrow and it will only be June .. Feels like it should only be June .. But it's not. It's December. My birthday has been and gone for this year. My nephew turned 1, my niece was born. I have a new job and I have new friends. Alot has happened this year.

.. Ok, so not alot.. If alot had happened, I would be understanding that it is December would I not? But when I think about it.. Alot really has happened. What was happening in my life this time last year? I had a different job, I had a boyfriend, I was 20. 

Yes, my birthday has been and gone and I am now 21years young! Have you noticed people only say 'years young' when they start to get older? And they said 'years old' when they are young. Haha. I find that funny. You know what else I find funny? The fact that it's DECEMBER!! 

December .. The 8th.. I have not even started Christmas shopping yet. How crazy is that. I have honestly have no idea what to buy for my family. I don't know where the Christmas tree is going, I don't know how I will decorate my room this year; if at all. I don't know who is coming to Christmas dinner either. Why is Christmas so stressful?

Is it because we always think of all these things 17days to Christmas? I think if I had started planning a little more, maybe a month ago, I wouldn't be as stressed out. I say that every year though. 'I'm going to be more organised this year!' HA! New Tui add. 'Yeah Right!'. I think even though I don't know so much about what is happening in 17days, I still believe it is a good time to spend with your family. Until New Years.

That's the way isn't it. Christmas is with the family and even if you don't want to go, you do because your cousins you haven't seen since last Christmas will be there and your uncle you don't like and your aunty that always gets that little too drunk and says something to your mum about her kids being better than hers. But then New Years rolls around and as soon as you're at that age where you do actually have other plans, you're gone! Out to get drunk and 'ring in the new year'.

New years day is always the worst though, right. You had a little too much to drink the night before. You wake up at 4pm on and wonder where the day has gone, then remember you went to sleep at 8am, after watching the sun rise on the bonnet of some guys really lame car.. Always the way.

Ohk, so that may not be your story. But I'm sure you do the family thing for Christmas and then 'run away' for new years. But no matter what you do, make sure you have fun! You only get to 'ring in' each year, once. You might get to have a few new years, but only one chance to start each year. So make it an awesome one. I am looking forward to the new things, this new year brings. Hope you are too.

Anyway, that is all from me.
It's nearly the 9th.. And we all know what that means.. 16 days to Christmas!!
And 22 days to New Years!! :D

Safe Holidays Everyone

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